Review: Van Morrison at the Isle of Wight Festival

Review: Van Morrison at the Isle of Wight Festival

Van Morrison is an artist that jumps from the page on any line-up and this year he graced the Isle of Wight’s main stage on the last day of a blazing hot weekend.

Although the audience was on its last legs they didn’t waste the chance to dance along to his classic soul and blues tunes.

The band began to play without Van and then the main man walked on stage towards his gold mic stand, greeted by a wave of excitement from the crowd. 

Never much of a talker during his set, Van told his stories through his music and no other communication was necessary; his lyrics and music carried a weight beyond any perfunctory thank yous and comments about the World Cup.

This was most evident when Van closed with crowd favourites Brown Eyed Girl’ and Gloria back to back. Couples danced, different generations sang along and those who began their celebrations early chanted along (not especially coherently) to the unmistakable choruses.

Van and his band delivered an unbelievable set. Expectations were high, as you’d expect before the appearance of a legend, but they were first met and then exceeded. 

Performing in blazing heat in a pinstripe suit, Van treated us to a selection of hits from his extensive catalogue (something he doesn’t always do) he set the mood for a magical last night on the Isle of Wight.      

Words by Josie Lauren

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