Interview: Tom Grennan

Interview: Tom Grennan

London-based singer songwriter Tom Grennan followed up the release of debut album, Lighting Matches, with an appearance at the Isle of Wight Festival, where he spoke to Izzy Sigston and Amelia Bronger

This is your first time performing at Isle of Wight, isn’t it?
It’s crazy, I’ve never even been to the Isle of Wight. And the sun’s out; it’s like we’re in the South of France. It’s a cool festival though, it’s 50 years of Isle of Wight.

Being in the big top is a big deal, but what festival would be your ultimate to play other than this?
What do you reckon?

Yeah, Glastonbury, 100%. I went for the first time last year and I thought, ‘That ‘s what I want’. It’s like another world, it’s fucking sick.

Is your festival set different to what you would usually do on tour?
Yeah, every gig is different. I’m playing a lot of the new album [Lighting Matches]. I think I’m playing 45 minutes so it won’t be all of it; there will be songs that people know. – the bangers

What was it like to hear your first single played on the radio?
When you start doing music and you decide you wanna do this as a proper thing, that’s the dream, to get on the radio. So when you hear it in the car with your mum and you’re like. ‘That’s mine’, it’s mad.

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