Interview: Suzy Moosa

Interview: Suzy Moosa

BIMM alumnus Suzy Moosa talks to Amelia Stevenson about her job at the super cool Secretly Group, how her time at uni has helped her and the perks of working at a label.

How has your time at BIMM helped you in the work environment?

BIMM was fantastic and gave a real insight on the industry. It especially helped me grow my confidence in terms of networking. 

What does your job at Secretly Group require you to do?

It’s quite broad, it’s working on every project across all three labels. A lot of it is overseeing things such as stock levels, setting up metadata, tracking and logging streams in different territories etc. 

How did the job come about? 

I actually came across the job on CMU Daily’s site newsletter. The only thing that put me off applying for the job was that I’d never worked at a label before, but it just shows you should go for it!

What would you say is the best part about working where you do?

Getting to work with a diverse mix of people that I get on really well with – and half the team are women! I’m also super lucky to be working for artists who I’ve been a fan of for a long time, I try not to take that for granted. 

Are there any perks that come with the job?

Most weeks we have a couple of artists playing shows, so it’s really fun and rewarding. Also receiving free physical music, I feel like I’m saving a ton of money!

For those wanting a career in record labels, is there anything you'd tell them to definitely do or definitely not do?

Just go for it; don’t let lack of label experience put you off applying. Also, go to as many industry conferences etc as possible, you never know what it could lead to. Networking really is key.

Before starting university, did you know where you wanted your career to go?

I had no idea! I knew I wanted to get into music, I just didn’t know what or how. I think that’s why I just threw myself into every opportunity that came my way at BIMM. I felt like by doing a bit of everything it would help me work out exactly what it was I enjoyed doing! 

Do you think if you hadn't attended BIMM, you would have the same opportunities as you do now?

Maybe, but I think it probably would have taken longer as I wouldn’t have had the advice or support to help me. 

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