Interview: Rahh

Interview: Rahh

PJ Kimber talks to former BIMM student Rahh about her life as an artist and how BIMM helped her achieve her goals. 

What are you up to at the moment?

I’ve been putting a lot of work into my first single, Overkill, that I wanted to release in time for the recent Great Escape festival down in Brighton. There’s a lot prep, more than I expected. But it’s good!

Was it the first time you played The Great Escape?

No – it was the first time I played of my own doing, though. I played as part of the BIMM showcase there previously; that was great because it meant I knew what to expect this time around. 

Did your time at BIMM prepare you for a career in the music industry?

I guess it did. When I came to BIMM I was a little older than some of the students, I was already a working musician, so there were things I already knew. But they helped me hone in on those skills, like the performance. My band members are all from BIMM, so there were loads of industry opportunities, which is amazing.

Would you say that networking was one of the more important things you did there?

That was really good. The staff at BIMM were amazing. I’ve got a friend there who’s particularly great at hooking me up with the right people. Good stuff comes through the staff if you make a good impression, if you do well, if you work hard.

What was the highlight of your time at BIMM?

Probably the graduation show. From the beginning of the year that was the goal. And then, when I got it, I remember it being really stressful, having a meltdown before, but then at the end of the show it was great!

What advice would you give students currently studying at BIMM?

Turn up to class! Being a couple of years older, I really appreciated the classes that I was being taught. I feel like the theory classes, the oral classes, all this stuff is so useful. Those things really prep you for the industry. The techniques that they teach you in theory or oral can be the difference of you getting respect or not getting respect. It may be boring sometimes but that’s the kind of lesson you need to be going to. I’d love to rock up to a theory lesson now!

Rahh’s new single ‘Overkill' is out now

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