Interview: Alice Roberts

Interview: Alice Roberts

Former student, Alice Roberts, talks to Emma Sherar about her job at a new Brighton based digital agency, The Drop Digital, her time at BIMM and what advice she has for people trying to get into the industry. 

Can you tell us a bit about your job and what you do? 

My job title is ‘head of content and activation’ for Brighton-based digital agency, The Drop Digital. We run social media, email marketing and produce content for our clients. The company only launched in the second half of last year, but we’ve already managed to build quite an impressive client list including Universal Music, U-Live, DJ Zinc and Republic of Music. 

How did you get your job?

I started working at a local marketing agency whilst finishing my course at BIMM. I did that for just over a year, gained some excellent experience and then got a job at Virgin EMI. I got a lot out of Virgin, and whilst I was there bumped into my old boss. We met up for a coffee, he told me he wanted to start his own digital marketing agency and asked me if I’d be interested in working for him in the future. After a big fat yes from me, less than a year later we’re all set up and smashing through some really exciting work. 

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I get to incorporate all the things I love: marketing, writing, creative design, music etc. I love working with loads of different brands, and working with someone who’s on the same page as me and trusts me completely – and vice versa. 

What stands out as your favourite memory/ opportunity at BIMM? 

Probably finishing my dissertation. Doing the fast track course was quite stressful, but it was all worth it. My teachers were so supportive, and when I decided to create and launch a fanzine and then write about the history of zines and print media and how that fits into a modern digital world for my dissertation, I got great support from all my teachers (especially Steven Jones, big up Steve). 

How important was networking to you during your time at Uni?

So important. I’m really glad I did as much as I could in my two years there, it really helped me find a job after I graduated. 

What advice would you give to students trying to get into the industry? 

All I can say is that experience is as important as anything else. Make sure you’re doing everything you can. In some jobs experience can count for even more than your degree. 

Have you followed the career path that you had set out while at University?

I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do when I started University– all I knew was that I wanted to work in music. It was actually during my digital marketing lessons that I realised it was something I had a real flair for. Once I’d decided that was what I wanted to do, I did everything I could to set myself up for a job when I left. I couldn’t be happier with where I’ve ended up, though.

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