Review: Architects

Review: Architects

Sam Carter clears his throat. "Give me a second" his voice echoes, shakily, maybe on the verge of tears. "I've waited a long time to say this... ALLY PALLY HOW THE F**K YOU FEELING TONIGHT?" 

All 10,000 people in the sold-out North London venue scream in unison and then begin to chant the band's name over and over. Then the intro to A Match Made In Heaven fills the room and not a single person stands still. 

The set consists of a good variety of songs, plenty for longtime fans and newcomers. Carter's screamed vocals are raw and full of emotion, and alongside the sound of heavy guitars and intense double-bass, they are exactly what makes metalcore great. 

Before the very last song of the encore, Carter hands the mic to drummer Dan Searle, brother to the late guitarist Tom with a speech that didn't leave a single eye dry in the house. 

The band then plays Gone With The Wind, a song often associated with Tom's passing. 

During the final outro, two letters appear on the screen on stage. T.S. Tom Searle. And this is how Architects end this spectacular, historical, fantastic show.

Words: Melina Moren

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