Review: Camila Cabello

Review: Camila Cabello

Having left American girl group Fifth Harmony in late 2016, Camila Cabello returns with a self-titled debut solo album. 

Camila boasts 11 tracks and reached number two in the UK charts. 

Full of catchy pop, it kicks off with heavy-beat single Never Be The Same, which was first heard last year and shows off Cabello's strong vocal range. 

Despite the 20 year-old's number of collaborations in the past, her debut album consists of only one feature, her number one single, Havana, with US rapper Young Thug. 

It’s sometimes hard to remember this is a debut album as it sounds like the work of a much more experienced and mature artist, filled with both ballads and fast up-beat songs. 

With Cabello's previous discography, you'd expect each song to have a strong beat and sound like something you'd hear at a club or a party, so it’s rewarding to see how she has mixed things up, occasionally going for a slower yet still catchy vibe.

Words: Amelia Stevenson

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