Interview: Jade Foster

Interview: Jade Foster

Former student Jade Foster talks to Amelia Bronger about her time at BIMM, her job at leading music industry PR firm Dawbell, and the advice she has for all current students. 

Did you take advantage of any master classes at BIMM while you were here?

Yes, I remember Mel C coming in to do a masterclass and it was wonderful as she was so honest about her experience in the music industry and was so friendly and down to earth.

Did you make any connections in the industry while at BIMM? How important was networking for you?

Networking was everything. The strange thing is, you don’t realise you’re doing it at the time, but then you start to draw connections between people and realise that the music industry is so intertwined, everyone knows everyone. Those people will recommend you to other people. I ended up getting an internship at JuiceFM radio in Brighton and loved it. I didn’t limit myself to that, I ended up getting a job at Phil Nelson’s First Column Management and I also helped out with Communion Records in my third year. I believe that if it wasn’t for that hard work back then I wouldn’t be on the ladder now. 

How did you get your industry job?

My first industry job post-BIMM was an internship at Sony Music in press and TV. I used to apply for jobs on all the major label websites, no matter how under qualified and under experienced I was. Once I got interviewed for a job and I kept in contact with the HR team, who eventually put me forward for the internship scheme. I was then employed by DawBell after a colleague of mine introduced me. I was approaching the end of my internship. They didn’t have any jobs going, but once I met them they offered me a job as they said they didn’t want me to go anywhere else!

What do you do at Dawbell?

I am a junior PR exec, which essentially means a junior publicist. My daily goal is to get clients’ publicity; I specialise in print publications.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I never feel fearful when I make mistakes, which then allows me learn from them. I love working on the bigger projects and going to concerts and gigs all the time for free - it really is a novelty and i’m hoping that it never wears off! 

Who have you worked with?

I do regional press for The Kooks, Maximo Park, Take That and Craig David. I have to say my favourite project so far is Take That. They are such a hard working band and invest so much time and energy into what they do.

Is this what you expected to be doing in the future while studying at BIMM?

Absolutely not. I was focussed on being a singer, but I started to fall out of love with singing, which took me a long time to admit. I then turned towards the business side of the industry and threw myself into every opportunity I got. Thankfully my employers at Sony thought I would be suited to press and TV and that’s steered my career. 

Do you have any advice for any BIMM students who want professional industry jobs?

  • Throw yourself at every opportunity
  • Apply for everything
  • Work hard
  • Ask tutors for advice.
  • Email/call businesses and see if they offer work experience.
  • Take advantage of that student loan - you can work for free while you get that money!
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