Interview: Lucy Spraggan

Interview: Lucy Spraggan

Since becoming an unlikely star of the X-Factor, Lucy Spraggan has gone on to carve her own path and is now enjoying success on her own terms. Ameila Stevenson and Fanny Hill found out how she did it.

Five years on from becoming an unlikely star of The X Factor, the final stop on singer songrwriter Lucy Spraggan’s UK tour was Brighton’s Concorde 2. Shortly after the show, she was attacked outside a karaoke bar, which made headlines and rocked social media the following morning. BIMM Life’s Amelia Stevenson and Fanny Hill met up with a few hours earlier to talk about her new album, Hope You Don't Mind Me Writing, how she writes her songs and what it's like to run her own record label.

Fanny Hill: You left The X Factor due to illness. Was it a hard decision to make?

I don't regret it at all, I think it was a well-timed move. I think it's difficult for some people that win it, there's such an expectation, it can be difficult.

FH: Were you excited or stressed before the release of your album?

A bit of both, a bit of everything really. Anticipation is not really a nice feeling for anybody, so just a mixture of nerves and stress.

Amelia Stevenson: What's your favourite song to perform?

I love playing Wait For Me and Unsinkable, they're two really great, fun songs to play live.

AS: You're doing the Isle of Wight Festival this year. Are you nervous and how is it different to doing your own shows?

They're definitely different, because you know people have paid to come and see you at your own shows, whereas at festivals it can be slightly more daunting, because you don't know if anyone's going to turn up to the tent when you're playing. 

FH: Your first record label asked you to change your image. As an artist, was that difficult to hear that?

I think times have changed a bit now, it’s not so commonplace for image to be a massive deal, but at the time it was; it was something that happened often, so I wasn't surprised. I just knew that I never going to change myself for somebody else ever, so it was pretty easy for me to be like, 'Nah, never mind'.

FH: How is it to run your own record label?

It's good. It's like any business, you get out what you put in and as long as you work hard and you persevere, then it pays off.

FH: How do you feel to be back on tour again?

I love it, it's my favourite thing about what I do.

AS: What are your plans for the rest of 2017 and are you going to have any time off after the tour?

I'm going to Paris on holiday and then I've got festival season. Me and my wife have just finished training to be foster carers so we're going to have looked-after children coming to stay at our house, so that should be intense.

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