Interview: Vlad Matveikov, Small Pond

Interview: Vlad Matveikov, Small Pond

Former BIMM student Vlad Matveikov is the man behind recording company Small Pond. It provides rehearsal spaces and a recording studio, releases records and puts on gigs. Jake Read caught up with Vlad to find out about Small Pond and how BIMM led him to where he is now.

How did Small Pond begin and what made you want to work in the industry?

If myself and the others behind Small Pond, Dave Jackson, George Mckenzie , Liam Mcmillan, Sam Organ, Sam Coveney and Joe Caple, were looking for an industry to make a living from, we would not have chosen music. We are a large group of friends that wanted to achieve a certain amount of things and couldn’t get it done by ourselves, so we teamed up. If you really are set on working here and nothing is out there for you, the other option is to do it yourself.

Since Small Pond opened you’ve put on gigs, filmed live sessions and built your own studio and rehearsal spaces. What was the most challenging part of this?

It’s doing something that’s very complicated over a period of time and not losing motivation. Also, being able to put in a ridiculous amount of hours a week and live on very little money, but still not give up on it. 

Small Pond states that it is aimed at ‘up and coming musicians’. Is that an area of the industry that you are particularly passionate about?

All of us are part of the demographic we are aiming at. We are all musicians in bands - none of which are huge - so we know what those people want, where they want it and how they want to practice. We also know what amps they want to practice with and what kind of equipment they want. 

You work with a number of fellow BIMM alumni how did you put your team together?

It was a very organic process and with every team member it was slightly different. I moved down do Brighton with a bandmate and ended up meeting George McKenzie and from there I met Liam Mcmillan and Sam Organ all of whom went to BIMM. Brighton is so small that little by little you meet the same people doing the same cool things. It takes less time than in large cities to see who is really working on stuff. I think it was that process of elimination for a couple of years.

What advice would you give to students at BIMM looking to build a name for themselves?

Take your time and really try to understand things. It’s a really small town and there are only so many booking agents, bands and venues, so meet everybody in person and find out how everything works and make sure you understand what you are doing.

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