Advertising with BIMM LIFE provides a unique way to connect with 3 key target groups; Musicians, Students & Locals.



BIMM is Europe's largest music college with multiple sites in England, Ireland and Germany. With annual student numbers surpassing 6,000 per year, BIMM is responsible for driving the next generation in music, whether that's artistry, production, songwriting or business. Over 70% of BIMM students go on to work in the music business making them a valuable audience now and in the future.


According to research conducted by the National Union of Students (NUS), the average student spends over £9,000 per year  on "living expenses" excluding accommodation. This includes such things as food, personal items, leisure & entertainment, travel, insurance and educational resources. Whether you're a regional or national brand we can help you engage with this important and often overlooked demographic.


Via our regional print magazine, localised content and directories, BIMM LIFE can geo-target advertising to 6 UK and European locations: Berlin, Brighton, Bristol, Dublin, London & Manchester. This provides local businesses an excellent and affordable opportunity to connect with an audience local to them, driving footfall and increasing engagement.


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